WCC is committed to the following values:

Glorifying God through worship

  • It's about God. The church is not about the pastor, or people, or some secondary cause. It’s about the Christ as King and us as His people gathering to listen to His edicts and worship Him.

Christ's priority is our priority

  • Since God is assembling people who worship Him in spirit and truth, we will join His work in our world and proclaim His Gospel and build up men, women, families, singles, seniors, youth and children in Christ. 

Theological & biblical safety and accuracy

  • We seek scriptural and theological accuracy in every matter that God has spoken to. We don’t pick and choose what to believe based upon our preferences, but we submit to the teaching of the Word of God. Our hope and prayer is that no one who ever comes to WCC will ever be taught theological or biblical error in our church. Likewise, we will graciously and readily receive correction when we stray.

Spirit Led

  • The Holy Spirit will guide His people on a path that exalts Christ, submits to His Word, produces unity, clarity, conviction, courage and resourcefulness. Thus, we follow the Lord and wait for Him to lead and provide before we take action. If He does not seem to provide for something we were hoping to do, we will follow Him as He reduces or removes that ministry.

Consider others more important than ourselves

  • We seek to cultivate an attitude that considers others as more important than ourselves and says to other church members: “You're more important than me.” In areas that are non-biblical, we will subordinate our personal preferences to others and seek to die to ourselves. Likewise, since the church is Christ’s Bride, we will let Jesus tell us what’s best for His Bride, through His Word, and we put those things ahead of our preferences. Also, because people matter, we’ll seek to minister to those in our church body and help align them with what God truly seeks (those who worship Him in spirit and truth). This requires an accurate teaching and living of God’s Word. Thus, we cannot place relationships over faithfulness to scripture, though in areas of disagreement we will seek to speak the truth in love.

Obedience to Christ

  • Everything the church does ought to originate from Christ and His will. Jesus does not want us doing our own thing, He wants us doing His thing. When Jesus told Peter to cast his net on the right side of the boat; there was no material difference between each cast; the Lord was seeking Peter's obedience. Along those lines, we will seek to follow Christ in direct obedience to His Word and even in the hidden details of things like prayer, preparation, personal holiness, etc. knowing that Christ will bless those who obey Him.

Faithful Leaders

  • The offices of elder and deacon need to comprise men who are called and equipped by God to match every biblical qualification listed in 1st Timothy 3 (and Titus 1 for elders). They need to be trained in quality theology so that they can recognize counterfeits. They need to have the character necessary to not be swayed by popular opinion, but rather biblical truths. They need to be willing to do the hard work of ministry, even when it’s unpopular and people are ungrateful.