Community Church Response to COVID-19

Dear Wellington Community,

No doubt these are unprecedented days in all of our lives. The challenge of the coronavirus and COVID-19 brings many questions, many needs, many concerns… but it also many opportunities for our community to connect together with one another and ultimately with the Lord.

The churches of our town are combining their resources to create teams of volunteers who hope to help you through this present challenge. Below are just some of the ways we are seeking to serve you and our community. Everything we offer is completely free and without obligation.

If you have any needs below, you can fill out an online request form at or contact Wellington’s Logistics Chief, Ashely Macdonald at 970-302-6943.

Likewise, although area is coordinated by specific churches, the volunteers involved will likely include other churches as well.

Finally, please note that if you’d like to volunteer in any of these areas, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jennifer Griffin (Pastor at The Filling Station) at 970-412-8634.

Volunteer Opportunities Include: 

Making Masks for our First Responders

Making Meals for our Seniors


This is a particularly difficult time for seniors who are being cautioned to avoid contact with other people. This may present problems with shopping, cleaning, and various other daily needs. We would like to help.

The services we offer include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Picking up mail
  • Caring for pets
  • Prayer and encouragement
  • Pastoral counseling
  • General help around the house.


If you need food, we have it. You can pick it up at our distribution center at the Boys and Girls Club and Wellington. If you cannot get here, we can work on bringing it to you.

We distribute the food from the boys club every Thursday from 3 to 6 PM. Food is provided in prepackaged boxes that are distributed curbside. Just pull up to the Boys and Girls Club and someone will bring a box to your car.


We recognize that this is a difficult time for families and we are here to help you. Some of the services we are offering include:

  • Tutoring to students needing help doing school at home
  • Emergency child care
  • Providing virtual ways for kids in the community to connect. 
  • Online Wednesday night programs
  • Running errands
  • Deliveries/Transportation

We look forward to serving you during these challenging times!


Provide mental and spiritual care for the whole person and whole family.


We have a transportation service available to anyone in need in the greater Wellington community. The services provided include both the delivery of needed items (including food, pharmacy, and other critical supplies) and the transportation of individuals when needed.