Getting Plugged In

Here are some ways that you can get involved in the church life here at WCC. We have specifically kept the contact information off the website, but if you're interested in being part of any of these, contact our church office and we can help get you connected with that particular ministry.


  • On the first Sunday of every month, we host a potluck that we call our "Connections Service". These events are designed for biblical fellowship around a meal and prayer. Normally the potluck lasts for about a 30-45 minutes, then we end with a season of prayer (usually about 15-25 minutes). If you've got little kids with you, don't worry about them disturbing the prayer time. These events are always a bit "noisy" as little ones chatter and play while their parents eat and pray. We're okay with that because we love the idea of our children growing up seeing their moms and dads and aunts and uncles seeking the Lord, together with His people, every month. These Connection Services are a joyful time of fellowship and the easiest way to get to know people at WCC!


    • Throughout the year, we host various fellowship events such as picnics, fishing events, trips to a Rockies game, target practice, etc. Keep your ears open for these events and join in!


      • Each year we try to publish a photo directory of the WCC church family. This is a great way to get to know the people who call WCC home. Also, it's a great way for us to get to know you! If you'd like a copy of the current photo directory, please contact our church office.


        • Soon we hope to set up a mailbox system near the "Old Sanctuary" with a mailbox for every family who calls WCC home. You don't have to be a member of the church to have a mailbox--in fact, we encourage this to be one of the first steps you take in becoming part of the WCC family. This is how we can communicate with you and also drop things in your mailbox as needed.


          • Usually at least once or twice each year, we host a church work day to spiff the place up! Usually about 20-30 people join in and it's a great way to help out and get to know some folks in the church. Likewise, we have a Christmas Decoration day in early December to set the tone for the holidays. We'd love to have you join in! Men, women and children all can be involved!


            • You may have noticed that our "sanctuary" looks a lot like a gym--that's because it is! Each week the gym is used by various ministries and organizations and so we pack away the stage and sound equipment, every Sunday after church. If you're willing to stick around for 10 minutes and help out, we'd appreciate it. Even better, if you're willing to join a chair setup team, we can always use a hand. Usually the teams consist of 2-3 guys who setup about once a month. Usually the setup times are flexible and the guys work out, between them, a time that works best for the team.


              • As the seasons change there is a group of people who enjoy making the building look nice. They plant flowers in the spring, decorate in the fall and around Christmas.


                • Children's Ministry is an excellent way to serve the whole church. We are committed to evangelizing Children, encouraging parents, and equipping the saints to do the work of ministry. There are always various opportunities to serve in Children's Ministry. If you have been a regular attender of our church for more than 6 months call our church office and we'd be happy to get you an application to serve.


                  • Another great way to get involved is to help out with an outreach. We typically host a 4th of July Parade Outreach, Christmas Light Parade Outreach, and a Harvest Festival. These are fun ways to get involved, meet lots of people, and be part of connecting people to Christ!


                    • From retreats every other year to weekly prayer and special women's events there are great opportunities to serve in women's ministry.


                    • From the Thursday Men's Study, to the Men's Breakfasts, to getting some retreats together, there are lots of ways to plug in with the men's ministry.