Food Preparation

Meal Preparation Instructions

Thank you so much for volunteering to help prepare meals for our community during this time of need! The following are guidelines that will help with the overall organization. Items can be picked up or dropped off at Wellington Community Church from 10 AM – Noon on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. You can also call the church to arrange for a specific time. The church address is:  8445 Third Street, Wellington (enter through the old church building next to the Boys & Girls Club). The church phone number is 970-568-3884.

What to make:

  • Feel free to make any meals that can be frozen and easily reheated. The most versatile meals are soups and stews.
  • Please use the food containers that we provide (to aid with storage and organization).
  • You are welcome to fill as many containers as you desire.

Label every container with the following information (labels are provided):

  • Name of food itemExample Label Graphic
  • Date the food was made
  • Your initials or first name
  • Ingredients, please mark if specifically a Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free (be aware that many items contain gluten)
  • Your Number (please sign your name and phone on the clipboard and use the line number on your label - so we know who prepared the meals)
  • A brief word or note of encouragement


  • Avoid common allergens (peanuts, tree nuts) and clearly mark appropriately
  • Prepare items that freeze well (these will be stored in a freezer)
  • Fully cook all items
  • Wear gloves while packaging the meals and handling the containers
  • Bring the food and unused containers to Wellington Community Church during the hours of 10 AM - Noon on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
  • Please sign in so that we can help keep this team effort organized. Thank you!

Thank you so much for being part of this, it is a joy and blessing to serve the Lord and our community alongside of you!